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Welcome to the official site of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)!

Here you'll learn about the more than 30 non-profit educational events we sponsor each year and find links to other investing web pages. All of this is provided by local volunteers in an effort to help you learn to be a wiser, more profitable investor.

AAII (the National Headquarters) is an independent non-profit educational organization, based in Chicago, with over 150,000 members.  For more information about AAII, click here to go to the American Association of Individual Investors Website.

Each AAII local chapter is a grassroots organizations led by volunteer AAII members, allowing AAII to extend its mission to individual investors in their own communities by organizing meetings to provide unbiased investment education in a social context.

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The opinions and information expressed on this Website are offered for your consideration and education, and are not necessarily those of the AAII or of the Los Angeles Chapter.

Disclaimer: Investing involves the risk of loss.  Information provided on this website is provided for your consideration; AAII and the Los Angeles Chapter do not make any recommendations to buy or sell any product, service or investment and cannot be held accountable or responsible for the decisions you make.